This story is designed to be Garrett's first life-or-death situation snag. (This is no longer an RP. This story is only editable by the author.).

Chapter 1 - Oakdale, MinnesotaEdit

Night had just begun to fall on the town of Oakdale, Minnesota. The alleyways, whose floors shone with the moonlight reflecting from the wet ground, were all silent save for the sound of heels on asphalt.

"Jerry, listen," the middle-aged blonde woman spoke into her phone, "I can't make it tonight. I've got a meeting." That's what she said, at least. In truth, she was getting ready to meet her manager for a night out in the town. "I'll be there in the morning, I promise."

She proceeded to walk to her manager's house, not too far from there. As she neared the corner, she became aware that her footsteps didn't just echo; they seemed to fall out of sync. She turned around, and came face to face with a woman in rather formal attire walking behind her.

She stopped for a second, tensing up in anticipation for anything that may happen, but the woman simply walked past her, brushing her arm against hers as he passed. She seemed to limp as she walked. Maybe she was just drunk? She sighed in relief, turned back and continued on her way, and nearly got to the corner as she was grabbed from behind.

"I'm fine. Just some drunk person passing by." She laughed into her phone. She continued on her way until she was grabbed from behind.

She yelled and turned around, coming face to face with yet another man in formal attire. His eyes seemed to glimmer in the faint yellow-orange light from the streetlamp above them. He grinned widely, showing teeth that shouldn't have been so sharp. So dirty and red.

She was gripped with fear, so much so that her hand couldn't let go of her phone. She watched in utter terror as the man's mouth widened, and widened, and widened until his jaw was below his chest and his lips stretched nearly to his ears. His neck had elongated several feet, as well. With inhuman strength, the man lifted the screaming woman up and into his dripping maw. She thrashed and hit him as hard as she could, but was unable to break free from his crushing vice, and felt herself slowly be pulled down the monstrous man's extended throat, and even though she kept fighting, she just couldn't seem to harm this... thing, even from the inside.

She felt herself fall into a stomach too large to be a human's. She kicked and kicked, but nothing happened, and felt herself grow faint from lack of oxygen. She felt herself dissolving into her new fleshy chamber, becoming one with her attacker, until she was no more.

"Sheryl? Sheryl?!" called Jerry's voice from the phone, until it, too, was digested.

Chapter 2 - B&BEdit

"Good morning world, and all who inhabit it." Garrett said groggily as he walked down the stairs and made his way to the living room of the B&B.

"Hey, sport. Sleep well?" Pete asked, downing some chocolate milk and two rolls. Ever the voracious eater, Pete.

"Still getting used to living here. You sure my parents'll let me stay here long?" he rubbed his eyes and fell down onto the couch, resting his head on the throw pillows.

"Ah, you're good. The Warehouse can do anything. I just wish it could give more rolls!" Pete said through his full mouth, prompting Abigail Cho, the new owner of the B&B, to emerge from the kitchen.

"I've told you, Pete, I'm not that great of a cook. I bought those." she chuckled.

Garrett heard that, before Ms. Cho, there was a previous owner. Leena. Apparently, she was killed on the job. The agents didn't seem to bring it up much, so he never pried.

"How are you doing, Garrett? The bed comfy? I never really liked hotel mattresses, myself." she winked.

"They're fine." he mumbled before getting up. He almost got to the kitchen before he heard the front door open and a man's shouting voice.

"We've got a ping!" Artie, apparently.

Garrett sighed and went back to the couch. It was hard enough getting up this morning, but work? This early?

"A woman's disappeared in Oakdale, Minnesota. She was in the middle of a phone call, was heard screaming, then the call ended." Artie said, carrying three vanilla envelopes containing the info for this case.

"And we know this isn't a basic murder, how?" Aden popped into existence in the middle of the living room, causing Artie to yell and drop his papers, Pete to choke on his rolls, and nearly giving Garrett a heart attack.

'That'll wake you up.' he thought.

"Because the police tried to track the phone, but they couldn't trace the SD card. Its like it didn't exist." Artie pushed up his glasses. "I think, Garrett, you could use some more practice on the field."

"Hey," Pete choked out, coughing up his roll, "you could finally earn a Tesla!"

"A kid with a dangerous, potentially fatal electric ray gun? I don't think so." Artie replied, and Abigail nodded in agreement.

Garrett sighed and smiled. "Worth a shot." he shrugged. Artie handed him an envelope, and gave one to Pete, as well.

"Sorry, Artie, but I've got business to do. The Ascendere is still needing some minor adjustments, which, for us, means big ones. Mary and Juan are helping, too." Aden put a hand up. "Ask Tyler, he might be up for it."

Artie grumbled and tucked the remaining envelope under his arm. "You two better get ready. The plane leaves in two hours."

Chapter 3 - Oakdale, MinnesotaEdit

"Right," Pete said, emerging from the driver-side of the black car, with Tyler from the passenger and Garrett from the back. "So, police were able to track her last singal from her phone, which came up right around here."

The three agents entered the alleyway and fanned out. "You think the artifact might still be here? Like, a portal-slip or something?" Garrett asked.

"Doubt it. This place barely gets visited, and that guy, Jerry, said that Sheryl saw a woman walk through here just fine." Tyler said, examining around the dumpster.

Garrett, finding nothing in particular near the entrance of the alleyway, decided to walk farther in, until his step was accompanied by a squelching noise, and him slipping and falling onto his back. "Woah!"

"You okay there?" Pete asked, running over to help the fallen teen.

"Yeah, can't say the same for my shoe. This is disgusting." Garrett said, lifting his foot to show a viscous, clear fluid sticking to and dripping from his shoe.

"What is that stuff?" Tyler asked, getting down to his knees to better examine the fluid. He pulled out a small silver bag and a purple glove, scooped up a handful, and dumped it into the bag.

"We sending that to Jerry for analysis?" Garrett asked with a smile. Both Tyler and Pete gave him an odd look. "Reference wasted." he sighed.

"Artie and Claudia may be able to find out what the hell this stuff is." Tyler said. "In the meantime, try to find a trace of that woman."

The three continued there search for several minutes until Pete exclaimed in excitement. "Found something!"

Pete walked over to the two younger agents and showed them a business card, slightly covered in the same viscous fluid.

"Ciacco's Release" was all the card said, in flowery gold lettering, above a phone number and address.

"Seems like we've got ourselves a lead." Pete said, pocketing the card, and the three returned to the car.

...Ciacco's Release...

The three agents drove down the highway, following the GPS' directions to the address printed on the card.

"Think they'll find out what that stuff was?" Tyler asked Pete.

"It's the Warehouse," he replied. "They can do anything. Claudia, especially. She'll find out in no time."

Garrett, who had been busy using his business laptop to look up Ciacco's Release, came across an article that explained the odd name.

"Hey, guys," Garrett said, "I know what Ciacco is. Well, who he was." He turned his phone around for Tyler to see. "He was in Dante's Inferno, one of the people in Hell punished for the sin of gluttony."

"Makes sense for a restaurant." Tyler said. "Hope to God this isn't another artifact from the nine rings of Hell."

"Another?" Garrett asked.

"Nevermind." Tyler said, waving a hand. "Look, here it is."

The agents' car pulled up to the parking lot of a nearly full restaurant that looked like it belonged in a magazine. There were soft lights pouring from the windows, and there seemed to be soft jazz music coming from within, loud enough so that the agents could here it even with the windows up.

"Right, let's see what this place can tell us." Pete said.

The three walked up to the front door and knocked. For a few moments, there was silence, and in that time, Garrett took notice of the lack of windows. There were a few, but even thoughs greatly obscured the view of inside. He saw fast-moving blurs swishing, swaying, and melding with each other through the wavy glass.

Pete seemed, after a few minutes, to be ready to start wailing on the door, before a thin metal panel slid to the side.

"Name and number?" came a man's gruff voice. Through the open hole, the music was blaring, and his face was obscured by some sort of mask.

"Secret Service." Pete said, flashing his badge. "We've got special access."

The man seemed to waver for a moment, before closing the panel and opening the door. He was wearing a business suit, albeit one a little small. The sleeves barely covered his wrists. His shirt seemed stained with multiple colors, mostly bright red, and an empty wine glass was kept in his hand. His face was kept behind a black animal mask, one akin to a fox.

"We're here to speak with whoever's in charge." Pete had to yell over the loud saxophone music that seemed to emanate from the very walls. They were in a little hallway, complete with a chandelier, and through the glass doors on the other end, people seemed to be dancing. The four walked, Garrett staying in the back of the group.

"She's uh, in the back. You'll have to get through the crowd. Quick tip, button your jackets." The man said when they reached the doors. "They're a rowdy bunch." He opened the doors and ushered the three inside.

The main room was full of people. Full, full. People were sandwiched together, laughing, yelling, smiling. Amidst the music and shouts, deeper sounds could be heard. Sounds like hissing, growling, sharp snaps of shouts like an imitation of a bark. Garrett, who had brought his own jacket along, put his hood up and kept his head down. Loud crowded places like a mall were bad enough, but this... he'd be lucky of he didn't completely shut down.

He followed Tyler and Pete, who kept their jackets closed, and pushed their way through the crowd. Some were annoyed, some simply looked back, and most just didn't seem to care, or even acknowledge their presence.

Without warning, the crowd seemed to surge to the left, pushing the agents to the side. Tyler and Pete saw the door leading to the back office, but Garrett, who had kept his head down, lost track of the other agents' feet.

Soon, he was shoved up against several other people. Some in casual wear, some in fancy clothes that seemed more fitting to a ball than a restaurant of any caliber. He tried pushing himself through, but only managed to get himself pushed farther and farther back. He tried yelling, but his voice was lost amidst the shouts, growls, and music that surrounded him.

The crowd around him finally seemed to start calming down, but that didn't stop him from tripping and falling to the floor against a wall. Garrett got up, but couldn't see any sign of Pete or Tyler. He tried calling out again, but, without him noticing, an arm was next to his head, and an older man's body blocked him from the rest of the room.

"Hey," the man said. He had a slight slur to his voice, which Garrett admitted was a bit sultry and slick. He must have been a little drunk. "You look lost, little guy." the man's face inched closer to Garrett's, and he hooked the top of Garrett's jacket zipper with his finger. "You need someone to take care of you?"

The man, who wore a mask that seemed more reptilian than mammalian, licked his lips with a long tongue and pushed Garrett's hood behind his head. His eyes seemd to penetrate into his mind, and they glowed a sharp, bright red. "Aw, look at you. You're blushing. No need to be nervous..." he cupped Garrett's chin in his hand, lifting his face up. "You look so good. Cubs are always the tastiest." He bent his head down and put his mouth right next to Garrett's neck, his hot breath blowing against his ear, sending involuntary shivers up and down his spine.

Garrett whimpered and tried to get away, but the man placed another arm in his way.

"You can't escape that easy, cub." The man licked his neck, making Garrett yelp. He pulled the zipper down, exposing his heaving chest in his shirt.

'This is bad. Please, please, Pete, Tyler, please, please help me.' Garrett though.

"You're so... delicious..."


The man placed a warm hand over Garrett's heart, feeling its machine-gun paced beating. To Garrett, it felt like it would pop from his chest.

"See, you're all flustered. Calm down." the man closed his eyes and placed his mouth over Garrett's neck, beginning with a nibble that slowly turned more intense as the seconds went by. After a minute, of which Garrett was completely immobilized by shock and confusion, an intense sharp pain came from hs neck, accompanied by a soft "POP."

"Mmmmmm..." the man groaned. Garrett lowered his eyes, and saw trickles of blood oozing down his neck and onto his shirt. He hated blood. It was a crazy trigger for him. He kept humming and suckling the blood from his neck, like a kitten nursing. Garrett felt he was about to pass out, when two loud bangs rang through the room, shocking everyone else.

The man lifted his head away from Garrett's neck, and he slumped forward onto the man's chest in a heap.

"LET HIM GO!" Pete's deep voice echoed through the room.

"Fuck!" the man shouted. He hunched over, and the crowd, who had backed away from the man, watched and screamed in horror as he underwent a terrible transformation.

His mask fell off, revealing an elongated mouth with long, razor sharp teeth, opening his mouth to inhuman proportions, revealing a strange hole in the back of his throat. From the sides of his neck formed two skin flaps that fanned over his head. His neck elongated several feet, and his clothes were ripped and torn to shreds as his body grew much larger. His physique grew more defined, and his legs melted together, forming a long, scaly tail with salt and pepper scales. He grinned, exposing his two front fangs and flicking his foot long forked tongue.

The monstrous snake man hissed and sent a spray of dark venom at Pete and Tyler, who dodged straight out of the way.

He grabbed Garrett with the end of his tail, wrapping it around him to keep him secured, but not to crush him. With his prey captured, he slithered swiftly away, with Pete's shots deflecting off of his tough scales and Tyler's Sabine seeming to have little to no effect. He burst through the open doors and slithered away, leaving the party in a panic, and Pete and Tyler in a fit.

Chapter 4 - Ciacco's ReleaseEdit

Pete and Tyler walked ahead through the crowd after being ushered in by the bouncer. Tyler and Pete instantly recognized the smell of alcohol in the air. Pete wrinkled his nose and they pushed through.

The three agents passed passed couples, small groups, and the occasional lone party-goer n the massive, ornate room. To Tyler, it seemed almost like a small ballroom that you would find in a mansion.

"Hey, that must be the back." Pete said close to Tyler to be heard over the loud music. Tyler nodded, and they proceeded.

Just was they nearly cleared the crowd, the mass of people moved left in unity. They pushed through and finally made it. Coming upon the smoky-glass, wooden-framed doors, they entered to find an older woman with short, silver-blonde hair dressed in a loose blue cocktail dress sitting behind a desk with a phone in her hand.

"Look, I'm sorry, but we do not provide that kind of service. I'd politely turn you to another organization if-." her conversation partner seemed to have hung up on her, and she replied by setting it down and rubbing her temples, turning around slowly in her chair.

"Gentlemen, I'm sorry, but this area is off limits to patrons. during open hours." she said, sounding tired.

"We aren't patrons, ma'am." Tyler said, and they flashed their badges. "We're here about Sheryl Malone?"

"Oh, her again?" the woman said, exasperated. "Look, I didn't know she was hooking up with my ex husband. I don't even care about-"

"She's dead." Tyler said. The woman's face fell.

"Oh dear."

"We were directed here during the investigation. D'ya think you can start off by telling us what this place is?" Pete asked.

"Of course." the woman said. "I'm Ms. Davielle. I run this place." she shook the agents' hands. "This is a specialty club. Only certain people are allowed in with a monthly fee, and only by invite at that."

"What's the specialty?" Tyler asked.

"Its, ah.. a club that caters to vorarephilia enthusiasts." Ms. Davielle sighed.

Pete and Tyler exchanged quick glances before turning back to the woman.

"You mean, the people here are people who like being eaten?" Pete asked, very confused.

"Yes. Some like to eat, some like to be eaten. This place caters to those who would otherwise spend their days in internet chatrooms and look at Japanese drawings for satisfaction. It rakes in more money than you'd think." Ms Davielle explained.

"Well, anyway," Tyler said. "Sheryl was last seen in an alleyway, and one of the only clues was a business card for this place. You know anyone who would want to hurt her?"

"Sheryl? I wouldn't know. My ex husband is - was her manager for her job at a local firm. I never knew her personally except she occasionally called and said she was a business partner. She actually seemed like a very nice woman."

During a pause, Pete's Farnsworth buzzed in his pocket. Opening it up, Artie's face appeared on screen.

"We found out what that stuff was." he said grimly.

"Lay it on us." Pete said, Tyler hunching over his shoulder.

Artie directed the Farnsworth to Claudia, who pointed to a graph on the computer screen. "Its saliva."

"Okay, ew." Pete said.

"But not ordinary saliva. Based on this analysis, its part human, part snake. Specifically, a snake from the genus Naja." Artie said. "Who or whatever that saliva came from, its part animal, and animals like to eat. My guess, Sheryl was a midnight snack for our target."

"Oh, God." Tyler said, wrinkling his face as Pete closed the Farnsworth. "Garrett, I'm sorry you stepped in that stuff." There was no reply.

"Garrett?" Pete called, turning around. "What's going on out there?"

"Oh, we sometimes bring out a medical dummy with gelatin organs on it to entertain some of our guests who prefer skin over fur. Its quite popular. People flock straight to the tables."

"Garrett must have gotten lost in the crowd." Tyler said.

The two turned around and burst through the door, peering over the patrons' heads to find the shorter agent.

"See him?" Pete asked, alarmed.

"Not ye- wait, there!" Tyler pointed over to Garrett, who had gotten the attention of an older man in a snake mask, and who for some reason had his head in Garrett's neck.

The two watched as the man unzipped Garrett's jacket, and Garrett suddenly spasmed for some reason.

"LET HIM GO!" Pete yelled, shooting his gun into the air twice. The man pulled back, and Garrett slumped forward, his jacket falling to the floor.

Soon, the man had transformed into a creature, human from the waist up, snake from the waist down. As the agents fired their weapons at the naga, he wrapped Garrett in his tail and slithered away unharmed.


"Artie, how do we find him? He left his Farnsworth here in his jacket." Pete asked. The two were furiously driving down the road in the black SUV, searching the sidewalks for any signs of the monster or teenager.

"I have an idea, but we need Aden. There's this artifact, one of two: a statue of Eros, and a statue of Aphrodite. They move and turn towards the direction of a person you think of experiencing either lust or love, respectively. Aden could teleport it to you." Artie said quickly, taking a deep breath after. "Aden can teleport the artifact to him, and from him, to you. If this guy is a vorarephiliac, then his desire to consume might be sexually driven.:

After a few agonizing minutes, a small gold and black statuette of a winged lad appeared above the passenger seat and fell into Tyler's lap. Taking it into his hands, he focused on the naga, and the statuette turned on the top and pointed East.

"East it is!" Pete exclaimed, and quickly swerved in the pointedon.

For a moment, Tyler's thoughts shifted from the man to Garrett. But the statue never faltered in its direction.

Chapter 5 - UnknownEdit

Garrett was unconscious, slumped forward, bound in thick rope to a metal chair, and a dirty burlap bag placed over his head, in the middle of a large dark room with a concrete floor. A dim glow filled the room, giving just enough orange light to make out his form from a short distance.

He awoke with a start, spasming and thrashing in a futile attempt to escape from his binding. He twisted his neck, sending sharp, ripping pain through his neck, immediately halting his movement, and making him gasp and grunt.

"I wouldn't move too much, if I were you." came that same voice from the party, somewhere from behind him. Garrett shot his head up in an attempt to better listen. "I wouldn't want you sserioussly hurting yoursself, you little prizzze."

"Hmm?" Garrett asked. He attempted to speak, but found his mouth was gagged with a strip of fabric.

"Hahaha," the man chuckled. "You really are something, you know that? You're actually the first person to not outright resist or fight me when I made advances." the voice seemed to be getting closer.

"Wh-huh-hm?" Garrett attempted to speak through his gag.

"Oh, don't deny it. I could smell you. You liked it. I bet you wanted me to gobble you up, didn't you, you little fox." the voice was right next to Garrett's ear now. He could feel the hot breath blow through the burlap.

"H-hm!" Garrett tried to deny it.

"Don't lie to me," the voice cooed in a condescending tone. "I don't like liars." a strong hand gripped Garrett's shoulder and squeezed - hard.

"Hmph!" Garrett grunted, struggling to get out of his grasp.

"You're so young, I know. But what's a few years difference? A decade or two doesn't really matter. Want is want," the hands rubbed Garrett's shoulders.

"Love, is love," the hands rubbed down his arms to his waist.

"And lust.... is lust."

"HHMPHH!" Garrett shouted, thrashing wildly to escape the man. But was he trying as hard as he could? Or did a part of him not want to leave his binds?

"Aw, you're cute, kid. Really cute. I'm actually considering not eating you." the voice moved to his side, accompanied by the slithering sound of a snake tail on concrete.

"Hm-hum?" Garrett asked, confused.

"Oh, that bag is in the way. Hold on." A hand tore the bag off of Garrett's head, and his eyes closed in response to the sudden allowance of sight. "There. Better? Now we can see each other's faces.

Garrett slowly looked up, and saw the man's real face: dark mahogany hair, piercing red eyes, sharp fangs and a long tongue that showed through his closed smile, and a body that, Garrett reluctantly admitted to himself, wasn't a poor sight.

"Oh, I don't think I'll ever get over that face of yours." the man took Garrett's cheeks in his hand and tilted it up slightly, admiring the boy. "I chose you at that party because you were beautiful. You should be immensely flattered."

Garrett no longer tried to communicate through his gag after the man released his face. He just looked up, unsure of how he truly felt about his situation.

"I've got a little offer for you, little guy." the man smiled wide. "A few weeks back, I was on a trip to Thailand, browsing the shops. It just so happened that, on my last day there, it was during a special celebration where fireballs rose from the Mekong River, and special gemstones were collected for their magic."

The man brandished a red jewel necklace around his neck, which glimmered in the little light there was.

"It is called a Naga Eye. When I first put it on, I felt a strange power wash over me. It was intoxicating, actually. I found I could transform into a Naga at will, and because of that, I was able to live my best fantasies."

The man smiled even wider, admiring his boy toy. "In fact, I bought two. I'm wearing the second one, but when I found out the power of the first, I just... swallowed it, so the power could never be taken away."

Garrett's eyes widened with realization.

"I'm actually curious as to what color your tail scales will be."

Garrett shook his head vehemently, ignoring the pain from his still fresh wound. This prompted the man to quickly grasp Garrett's head in his hands.

"I thought I told you," the man growled, raising his tail between Garrett's legs, "not to hurt yourself."

"MMPH! MGH!" Garrett shouted through his gag from the sudden but thankfully quick pain.

"If you aren't careful, I may be forced to take it away and make it mine." the man seemed like he honestly didn't want to have done that, but he was smiling again soon. "I want someone to dine with. Someone who won't end up being another fast meal. And you," the man chuckled. "You are a sight."

The man slowly raised his arms and removed the necklace, making a show if his flexing arms and toned midsection. He began to slowly but determinately sway his body in waves. The sight of his movements captivated Garrett in a way he only dreamed could happen to him.

Garrett felt his body grow hot, his muscles relax, his eyes droop and vision blur, only focusing on the show before him.

The man slowly undid the rope, letting it fall to the ground, and removed the boy's gag. Garrett slowly rose and moved closer to the man, looking up at the beautiful Naga, who wrapped his tail lovingly around his won prize, pulling him close enough to put the necklace around his neck.

A bright red aura travelled through Garrett's body, starting at his head and ending at his feet.

Garrett suddenly moved forward, pushing himself against the man's body, letting himself go slack and the man hold him up with his marvelous strength.

"Too easy."


Tyler and Pete had been driving around town for some time now, following the Eros' direction.

"For a guy with no legs, he can sure move fast." Pete said.

"Hey, I think we're getting close." Tyler said. The Eros statuette was glowing now, and the farther they drove, the brighter it became, until they reached an abandoned Warehouse.

"From one Warehouse to another." Pete said. "That guy's immune to bullets and Sabines. How are we gonna get him?"

"We can worry about that after we get Garrett." Tyler said, taking his Sabine in hand and kicking the door open.

The two agents silently sneaked around the dark entrance area, illuminated only by Pete's flashlight.

"Oh, you look great in that." came an echoed voice.

"Did you hear that?" Pete asked. "That way."

Pete and Tyler walked through the dark until they came upon a doorway where dim orange light shone through.

"I'll take the right, you go left." Pete whispered to Tyler, who nodded and readied his Sabine.

They waited a short while to see if there would be any more sound, until the man spoke again.

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it? Just tell them-"

Pete and Tyler barged through the doorway, pointing their weapons ahead.

"Come on out, buddy!" Pete yelled. "Let him go and nobody gets hurt!"

"Ahahahaha." the man laughed in his deep voice. "Hurt? I wouldn't hurt him. I haven't hurt the boy in the slightest."

From the shadows at the far end of the room, the Naga man emerged, arms spread innocently.

"Gentlemen, please, lower your weapons." the man swayed his hips side to side as he spoke. Tyler's hand wavered for a moment.

"Nice try, bub." Pete yelled, gripping his weapon tighter, snapping Tyler back, who raised his Sabine again.

"Oh, you're straight? Pity. You look like a good meal, though." the man smiled, revealing long fangs.

"Just let Garrett go!" Tyler yelled, tightening his grip on the trigger.

"Oh, you know the boy?" the man said. "He told me people were here to take him away. He seemed a little reluctant to leave me, now that I think about it. He's with someone now, I'm afraid. Garrett?"

The man pulled a long black leather rope forward in his hand, prompting Garrett, shirtless, a black leather collar and a necklace with a red gem around his neck, and with a snake tail of his own, to emerge from the shadows. His eyes were glazed over.

"You sick bastard, what did you do?" Tyler screamed.

"Oh, don't worry." the man smiled. "He'll be well taken care of. Groomed, fed, the works. And extra-AGH!"

Tyler fired his Sabine at the man, who dodged, but the shot hit the ceiling, and the blast sent his a few feet away, rubble falling on top of him.

"Garrett!" the two ran to the naga boy, no expression painted his face.

"What did he do? Are you okay?" Tyler asked. "What are those?"

Tyler pointed to various bruises, bite marks, and red striped that adorned his upper half.

"They..." Garrett began. "were a..."

"What, kid?" Pete asked.

"They were a gift from master." Garrett said. "And pet must help master."

Garrett flung his arm out, throwing Pete away several feet, and grabbed Tyler's Sabine and threw it away, too.

The man picked himself up and looked back at Garrett. "There you go! That's a good boy."

Garrett smiled and turned to Tyler. He glared at him.

"Pet has seen how you look at each other." Garrett hissed. "You are bad. You will be dessert!"

Garrett lunged at Tyler and pinned him to the ground.

"Pet caught food, master." Garrett said.

"Yes, very good. And on your first try, too. You will make a nice predator some day, boy." the man rubbed his hand along the length of Garrett's brick-red tail with spots of tan. Garrett smiled again.

"Come, boy. That was practice. A truly satisfying meal comes with a fight. Leave them." the man grabbed Garrett's leash and lightly pulled, and Garrett leaned onto the man's side. With a flick of his tail, he struck Tyler's head, knocking him out.

Chapter 6 - UnknownEdit

When Tyler came to, Pete was already on his Farnsworth, arguing with someone.

"Artie, this guy's kidnapped the kid. He's brainwashed, and super strong. They're both immune to guns, and we don't have a Tesla between us.

"I don't know what to do, Pete. The God Tiers are busy, and Aden said after he teleported the statuette he didn't want to get involved!" Artie said through the device.

"This guy's gonna get someone for Garrett to eat! If that's not incentive, then I don't know what is. We're gonna try to track him down. You just do something." Pete closed the vaudio device and handed Tyler his Sabine.

"We've gotta hurry. Who knows where they are." Pete said.

Tyler grabbed his weapon, and, rubbing his head, they two made their way back to the car.

... Ascendere ...

"Artie, I know, this is serious, but I'm repulsed by vore. I won't be able to do much if I go there." Aden said.

"Aren't any of your friends available?" Artie asked, angrily.

"A lot of these guys are still kinda new with their powers. Some of them might be susceptible to going Grimdark, and we can't risk that. Juan's organizing with me." Aden said, looking up to see the said master of Time.

"I'll go." came a female voice from behind him. He turned around and saw Mary, her arms crossed and a pissed expression on her face.

"M-Mary?" Aden asked. "You're gonna take on a Naga?"

"Why not?" Mary said, fondling the tassles on her hood. "This guy likes to eat people? I'll show him what its like to get eaten by a monster that would give Cthulu night terrors." Mary's eyes glowed.

"You don't mean...?" Aden trailed off. Honestly, he was terrified of Mary's potential.

Mary nodded. "Nobody messes with a kid. Especially not with brainwashing and forced cannibalism. This guy is going down."

"As long as someone gets down there!" Artie said, closing his Farnsworth.

"Mary, are you sure about this? Your morality is a bit... well..." Aden said, rubbing the back of his head.

Mary put her hands on her hips. "I know that. And I also know I can smack the scales off a snake whenever I want."

"Okay..." Aden said, wary. "Just, be careful, and stay... sane, alright?"

Mary smirked. "Don't worry, Aden. I'm a queen, remember? And a queen," Mary turned away, "rules with an iron fist."

...Oakdale, Minnesota...

"That statuette better get us to Garrett fast." Pete said. He was gripping the steering wheel so hard his knuckles were white.

Tyler gripped the artifact tighter. "I do to. We can't let Garrett kill someone. Even if we manage to rescue him, the guilt would be phenomenal."

Tyler sighed. Neither of them could let anything happen to that kid. What would the Regents do? He's just a kid. They wouldn't bronze him... would they?

The statuette began to glow suddenly, at the same time they heard a man yell outside the car.

Pete slammed on the breaks, pitching them forward. They exited the car immediately, weapons drawn.

The man had curled his tail around a tree, and held another man in golfing clothes upside down by the waist. Garrett was sitting, observing as if he were a student in class.

"Now," the man said, "if they make too much noise, feel free to squeeze the air out of 'em." the naga promptly tightened his grip on the golfer, leaving him breathless.

"Let him go!" Pete shouted, shooting at the naga's tail. He hissed, bearing his fangs. He unraveled his tail and flung the innocent man several feet away.

"Have your first real meal, kid. Let master take care of them."

Garrett nodded and slithered toward the fallen man.

"Tyler!" Pete called. The younger agent ran to stop the other, while the naga was left to face the armed senior.

Tyler blasted the ground next to Garrett with his Sabine, the shockwave knocking him away far enough so that Tyler could help the man up and let him run away.

As Garrett got back up, Tyler pointed his Sabine right at his head. "I don't want to do this, Garrett."

He hissed and raised his head, where his throat and mouth began to glow bright orange. When he opened his mouth, a large fireball was blasted right at Tyler.

He dodged out of the way, and the fire hit a nearby tree, destroying a branch.

Garrett shot ball after ball of fire at Tyler, who kept dodging or deflecting the blasts with shots from his Sabine.

Meanwhile, Pete and the adult naga were at a stand-off.

"Don't you see how eagerly my new pet is to fight for his first true meal?" the man grinned.

"You're insane, dude! Forcing a kid- a kid! - to do something like this is unforgiveable!" Pete gripped his gun tighter.

'He's no child, not in that mind of his. I could see who he really is, and if you knew, you wouldn't be so eager to protect him!" the naga exclaimed, creating a fireball in his hand ad lobbing it at the agent.

Pete was nearly fried, but the projectile was deflected by something and fizzled out immediately.

"AAH!" Tyler was thrown over to Pete from a small distance by Garrett, who seemed to be growing stronger the longer he was wearing that necklace. He looked up. "Mary?"

Dressed in her blue Witch outfit, she slashed her Spear through the air, making the air around it warp, and letting steam waft from the tip where the fire was extinguished.

"Someone called?" she smirked.

The man tensed and hissed. Garrett slithered to is master and grabbed his arm.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

Mary chuckled. "Not to sound cliché," she said, "but I'm your worst nightmare."

She calmly but determinedly walked forward, her hood tassels swaying behind her and her dress flowing behind her.

"You can't have the kid. Let him go, and maybe I'll be nice." She glowered.

The man, a deep scowl on his face, pointed his arm forward, sending Garrett to attack.

He slashed at her with newly developed claws, gnashed his teeth and threw fireballs at her, but she dodged every attack.

Garrett raised his tail and shot the end out, intending to strike her n the chest, but she deflected the strike with her Spear and launched herself forward with the momentum, grabbing the necklace from around his neck and yanking it off.

In a flash, Garrett lost his reptilian characteristics, and fell to the ground, dazed.

"NO!" the man yelled. He swiftly slithered to attack the one who stole his pet, and their battle ensued.

Each claw strike was met with metal, every tail strike dodged, every fireball extinguished.

In an all-or-nothing maneuver, the man opened his mouth and struck at Mary, but she rolled underneath him and dragged the tip of her Spear through the air, creating a hole in the air. The man fell into the hole, yelling, until he hit some sort of floor.

"What is this!?" the man shouted from within the hole.

"I like to call it the Level Zero Realm. Its a hole in space where nothing exists. Well, nothing but the Horrorterrors." Mary smirked. "FYI, they like their meals to struggle. Maybe you should play dead."

Mary closed the apparent seam in space and leaned in her Spear.

Pete and Tyler had run to Garrett, who was on his knees and coming out of his daze.

"Garrett?" Mary asked. "You okay hon?" she moved to place a hand on his shoulder, but he flinched and scooted a few inches back.

"Hey, Garrett, its okay." Tyler said. "Everything's gonna- Umph!" Tyler said as Garrett hugged him tight, sobbing.

"I'm sorry!" Garrett cried. "I'm so sorry! I didn't want to eat anybody, I swear!"

Tyler reciprocated the hug, and Pete rubbed his back while Mary stood, staring at where the hole in the universe had been.

"Let's see how that guys liked being eaten by monsters." Mary grumbled.

"Mary," Pete said. "That guy's probably had enough by now, if those monsters are as bad as you say they are. We can give him to the authorities."

"But," Mary began, "he tried to make Garrett eat someone! He already ate one person, and who knows how many others he's already eaten before!"

"And we can let him face his crimes. But the Warehouse doesn't leave people for dead." Pete said firmly.

"What about the artifact?" Mary asked.

"Its inside him." Garrett said between sobs."

Mary sighed and called Aden with Her Farnsworth. In a flash, he appeared.

"Really, Mary?" Aden grumbled. "I was relaxing! Your call scared me so bad I broke my headphones! I'm gonna need new ones."

"Just," Mary said. "collect the artifact. I don't think the guy'll be much of a fighter."

When Mary brought the naga man out of Level Zero, he was unconscious.

"Mary, what did you do?" Aden asked.

"Nothing! I just had the real produce images of Horrorterrors. He could have lived the rest of his life in constant fear. Death would have ended it." Mary said.

Aden sighed and shook his head. He held out his hand, ad began to redistribute the gemstone atoms into his hand, when Mary put out an arm to halt him.

"One more thing." she said. She reared back, and kicked the man in the cloaca, one very hard time. Hard enough to roll the man over several times. "You may continue."

In several minutes, the full red gemstone was in Aden's hand, and the man was no longer half snake. Unfortunately, he had no pants. "I'll send a Sylph to wipe his memories of Level Zero. He'll keep the fear, but he won't know what he saw."

When the police arrived, the agents were gone.

In the black SUV, Tyler and Mary were in the back, comforting Garrett, who was wrapped in a blanket, still sobbing quietly.

Chapter 7 - Warehouse 13Edit

"I just don't know how we're going to keep the kid." Artie rubbed his jowls. "He was easily manipulated, nearly killed someone, and attacked fellow agents."

"Because he was whammied." Pete pointed out.

"He was easy to brainwash." Artie countered.

"He's young. He doesn't have a strong enough will yet." Tyler said.

"Look," Mary said. "Just let him talk to Abi. After that, we can decide what to do."


"I couldn't stop him," Garrett said. "He... he was strong. He was intimidating."

"And that's completely understandable." Abigail said. "There's no reason you should be upset."

"But I almost killed someone!" Garrett insisted. "I could have eaten somebody!"

"But you didn't. That's the point. None of what happened was your fault, Garrett. You're young, and he was a predator. Its not your fault."

Garrett remained silent.

"Garrett," Abigail said, breaking the silence. "I would like you to stay away from dangerous missions for the time being. Maybe spend some time with H.A.R.P.? They go on more... peaceful missions, as I've heard. And listen, the Regents aren't going to bronze you, or kill you, or wipe your memory because of this. Its happened before, and the others have turned out fine. Go spend the night in your Private Quarters. The aquarium will help you calm down."

Abigail stood up and gave Garrett a hug. "Come talk to me if there's ever a problem."

She stood back up, and left.

...Private Quarters...

Garrett stayed in his bed, looking at the live video feed of the night-time ocean. Plenty of fish at the reef tonight.

Garrett went over the mission. How easy he had been to corrupt. How reluctant he really was to escape.

Thinking about it, his methods were respectable, and very effective.

As the night went on, Garrett felt himself grow bored with his room. It was too bright, too serene. Not enough red or black. He'd change it when he got the chance.


"According to my psychological evaluation," Abigail said to the group of Regents before her, "Garrett seems to suffer from anxiety and minor clinical depression. I would advise keeping him with the Warehouse to avoid any incidents, but to let him go on more peaceful missions. It would do him good."