Story SummaryEdit

During an Agent check up one of the Regents come up with evidence that blames Nick as a mole to Peter Landins, planning to break him out. But the gang don't believe the regent and think that Nick is innocent of his accuations. So Nick goes into hiding, Claudia and Artie spy on the Regent that accused Nick of being an Double agent. On the flip side, Pete, Myka and Steve search for any evidence on his double crossing. They find some disturbing results.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

No Main Artifacts:

Benito Mussolini's Brass Knuckles - Mentioned Only by Nick. It is kept in the Armerie Sector.

Randolph McCoy's Spitoon- Mentioned by the Regent: Marboro Valasi when talking about Nick. Saying that the artifact might have lasting effects.

Cesar Chavez's Hoe- Getting hit or touched by the farmer equipment, makes the victim tell the truth no matter what the question. Used against the Regent by Artie and Claudia.

Prokop Divi's Lighting Rod- Used to power Warehouse 12. Mentioned by Nick.

Polde Bibič's Tree Leafs- Effect Unknown. But Artie snagged it in 1986.

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