A story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

People in Los Angeles are starting to lose their color and emotions that are leading to death, an artifact has to be blamed. Steve, Artie and Claudia go to Maine to find out about a story of a werewolf atacking the livestock and the people.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Pete and Myka:

Henry David Thoreau's Spade- Used by Henry in his time as a naturist tending gardens. Touching the metal part of the spade causes the victim to slowly lose color, energy and emotions to the point of death. The family members of the bearer start to lose health but user gains health. Used by an environmentalist that was using the spade to turn certain people that were constant polluters.

Main Artifact for Artie, Steve and Claudia:

Peter Stumpp's Wolf Skin - Used by the werewolf of bedburg to turn into a wolf. The user  gains hair and increased agilty, sense of smell and sight. But the user slowly gains a hunger for meat, if used for too long they can lose human instincts and retain wolf instincts.

Mentioned Artifact:

Lycon's Ladle - Werewolf enabling artifact.

Lon Chanley Jr.'s Make-Up Kit- Werewolf enabling artifact.

Charles Darwin's Notebook- Known to cause humans to devolve back into a primitive state. Mentioned by Artie when he bagged it in the 80s.

Paul Ekman's Glasses - Grants the user the abilty to tell when people are lying, but decreases emotion. Mentioned artifact.

André Martinet's Phonograph- Cranking the lever and letting it play causes a high pitch sound that cripples the linguistic muscles and disables the abilty to talk in everyone except the user. Used by Artie to get into the hospital with out being detected.

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