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Juan Morez plans to use the artifact found in the first warehouse to resurrect one of Peter Landens long dead friends James McPherson and have another stab at the warehouse.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Artifact that resurrects James McPherson:

Orpheus' Lyre - When playing the lyre in a specific order can bring back anyone they desire fom the dead, but it only brings back the soul, so the lyre must kill the player in order for the soul to fully be resurrected. Used by Juan Morez to resurrect James McPherson.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Paschal Beverly Randolph's Crystal Ball - An artifact stolen from Warehouse 13, used to summon James McPherson.

Osiris' Flail- Mentioned to be a resurrection artifact by Mrs. Fredric.

Richard Owens' Bayonet- When cut or stabbed by the knife it turns their blood into embalming fluid. James threatened to kill Claudia with it.

George Maldon's Gavel- Used to sentence many people to the gallows. When the holder of the gavel speaks the name of anyone and says they're guilty and strikes the gavel, the persons called out can be suddenly suspended up in the air being strangled and will kill them. Saying they are not guilty and striking the gavel down will cancel the effect.

The Phoenix- Mentioned by James, saying there's more to it then you think.

Oliver Wendell Home's Stereoscope -Snagged by Artie in 1986, was in the warehouse. Having a picture of any place in the world on it and then looking through it teleports the user to that place in the picture. Used by James McPherson to escape.

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