A Story by Wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Nick, Claudia and Steve head down to New York to investigate people who are dying from what looks like they where thrashed from a horrrfic hurricane, but as they investigate into it, Nick finds out that the main suspect is his Uncle a retired singer. Pete and Myka also investigate the disapearence of Artie when he doesnt show up at the Warehouse or The B&B, they find out he is trapped in a artifact.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact:

Siren Rock Pendent- Carved from the island cliffs of the Sirenum Scopuli (Islands that the sirens lived on). When sung through the rock, the artifact mezmeizes and attracts attention to the singer. After listening to the singing, those who listen to music afterwards will be forced to undergo a localized hurricane type of storm.

Artifacts that got Artie trapped:

Emanuel Swedenborg's Scissor-Glasses- When by themselves, one len shows what the surrounding area would look like in hell and in one lens, they show what the surrounding area would look like in heaven. Together, they show both, a mix of Heaven and Hell.

Parmenides of Elea's Tunic- Wearing tunic sends the wearer to a reality that they make-up themselves.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Rodger Bacon's Magnifying Glass- Magnifys any source of energy that it is brought into. Accidently activated by Artie when reshelving Parmenides of Elea's Tunic. 

Geber's Battery- Jābir ibn Hayyān accidenly created this artifact when he experimented with chemicals. Generates its own energy source.

Amber Glass Kettle- Produces light, but must absorb energy to light it. Set next to Geber's Battery to balance the energy levels.

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