Story by wilesjeffery2152

Story SummaryEdit

Steve and Myka head down to Virgina to invesigate a strange occurences of astronomical proportions. Artie and Pete investigate a very unusually fast horse named "Dirt Dobber" winning all the races at the Kentucky derby.

Artifacts MentionedEdit

Main Artifact for Pete and Artie:

Secretariat's Horseshoes - Imbued with his speed and determination. Increases speed and air velocity in the horse wearing the shoes.

Main Artifact for Steve and Myka:

Edmond Halley's Telescope - Pulls and attracts metorites and comets to the large side of the telescope, the opposite side of the telescope repels the space junk, seting it horizontal cancels the effects of the artifact.

Mentioned Artifacts:

Tod Sloan's Boots- Artie thought it was the artifact but remembered it was in the Warehouse already.

Charles Martel's Stirrup- Artifacts Claudia found in the warehouse to help Artie narrow down the search.

Clipped wings of Pegasus- Artifacts Claudia found in the warehouse to help Artie narrow down the search.

Sir Robert de Shuland's Horse Rib Bone- A possible artifact Claudia mentioned to Artie.

Buffalo Bill's Mail Bag - A possible artifact by Artie.

Jessie James' Saddle- A possible Artifact by Artie.

Yuri Gagarin's Spacesuit - Mentioned by Myka as a possible Artifact.

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