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    What do you think we should do about this picture? I added it a while ago, and wasn't too sure where it would fit. Originally, it was going to be for Maize, but then I changed my mind. Ideas?
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    • I'm not entirely sure. Is there a reason you didn't want to use this one for Mazie?

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    • Because it was the only good picture I could find...and because I keep picturing her with dark or even black hair. 

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    • Ah. Well, if need be, we can always draw a picture.

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    • I can't draw to save my life. Also, I actually like that picture more then the one I was thinking of. I just don't want Mazie and Sarah looking too alike. 

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    • They look pretty different to me. At least, comparing the two pictures. Both in hair style and in overall appearance.

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    • Oops. What I meant is that the person I was thinking of looked too simeliar to Sarah. I'll keep what I have. 

      On another hand, should I create a page for Mazie? 

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    • I wouldn't do it yet. At this point, she's just a small character. Once the storyline develops further, you can ask Per or Draco if you can make a page. But I'd wait at least until the next story is made, or the next one with Mazie in it.

      Going off topic for a second, have you read the little parts I have for the third Sailor Moon story yet, "Convention Battle". I have a few details in there that will play into the fourth story.

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    • No, not really. I'll check. 

      Edit: I have now. 

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    • I know this is incredibly off topic, but I've just noticed that in Touring the Warehouse, Sarah pinched the back of her neck to make the weird electric feeling that she has go away. Any thoughts on why she does this, and why exactly she chose that part of her body? TBH, I wasn't planned on having that particular detail.

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    • Hmmmm . . . . Perhaps there's a nerve that runs back there which can alleviate the feeling? It could be that that "electric feeling" is something much more troublesome/unplanned, and that pinching the correct nerve alleviates the pain. Or something to that effect.

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    • I suppose so.

      Ps. I might not be able to respond to anything on the artifact database for the time being. Please be patient.

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    • It's fine. We can't always respond in a timely manner.

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    • Yeah, it's true.

      Edit: What are Psyche-Locks?

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    • So, Psyche-Locks are in Phoenix Wright. When people lie, usually willingly, if one has high spiritual energy (or uses a spiritual object with high energy), they can see a physical manifestation of the lie, or "cover" if you will. The more the person is trying to hide the truth, the more locks will appear (no more than five). To break them, you have to go through a process of proving that they are lying and showing them that you know they are.

      There are two types of Psyche-Locks. Red Psyche-Locks are when someone us willingly hiding the truth. Black ones, on the other hand, are when a person is unconsciously hiding the truth. Usually it's caused by either extreme delusions or a traumatic event. Either way makes them dangerous to break. If you try to force it, then the person can suffer extreme emotional and mental trauma. We've seen them broken when it's a traumatic event, by allowing the person to find the memory themselves. Although traumatic for them, if they recover the memory themselves, it's much better for them mentally and emotionally because they are prepared to handle it. However, the one case of the black Psyche-Locks caused by delusions resulted in a mental breakdown (although the guy was a murderer, so it was fine).

      Do you know about Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney?

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    • No not really. There was an episode of Game Theory that talked about it, but that's all. Plus, it only explained the basics.

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    • If you like games that require a lot of thinking, it's something to look into. You have to go around, talk to witnesses and look around to find evidence to prove your client guilty in court. And the court battles are extremely rough! A lot of times, it seems very much that all of the evidence is stacked against you. But it's quite exciting to see the murderer break down when they're cornered.

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    • I agree. But in all honesty, I'm more of a Sherlock Holmes fan when it comes to mysteries and mystery themed games.

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    • Fair enough. But at least now you know what they are. I'm guessing this started because of reading "Trouble Brewing"?

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    • Yeah. I just like learning more about these kinds of things. At first, I thought that the whole thing was your idea...but that wouldn't explain the Pheonix Wright artifact. Get my confusion?

      Edit: I have a couple Warehouse mission plot bunnies running around in my head. Wanna hear them? They're all Sarah and Megan ones.

      Ps. I'm in a very Russian mood.

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    • Ah, I think I get what you mean. You thought it was a cool idea I came up with before you realized it was an artifact, right?

      Sure, I'll hear them. Just so you know, it can take me time to respond. We're having problems getting a steady internet connection because the phone company (how we get our internet) doesn't want to replace the lines on our road, instead just patching them infinitely. But I'll try to respond on days I'm able, when we have a strong enough connection and my dad isn't online (only enough speed for one person at a time. SAD!).

      When I read that, I saw the top and bottom, and skipped over the middle, so I thought it read "Wanna hear story ideas for Warehouse 11?". I just retyped everything above after actually reading that. But I'd love to hear some ideas!

      EDIT: Also, if you have time, check out the Night Fury Scale on the Artifact Database. Per allowed me to edit it to give it some history, so let me know what you think of it!

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    • One thing: I can't go on the database because Mom restricted it. Two, here are my ideas:

      • While looking for an artifact, Sarah and Megan come across a group of talented boys with exceptional gifts. The problem is, the girls can't stop falling for them. Is it because of the rose bouquet found on the main desk, or something else?
      • An orphaned boy and his caretaker are forever changed when they find artifacts that seemed to belong to the Victorian era. But when one gains the powers and speed of a demon, and the other becomes extremely skilled in acting and solving cases, it is up to two Warehouse Agents (Sarah and Megan) to find out the truth behind the two artifacts.

      That's all that I've got for now. What do you think? Also, can you match the stories to the animes of the artifacts?

      Ps. I'm sorry about your current internet problem.

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    • Why would your mom restrict the database? I mean, it's not like it's a bad website (granted, we do have some inappropriate things, but certainly not enough to block. You can find worse things in books!).

      I really like the first story! I think it would be interesting if the original ping pointed at a different type of event (murder, spontaneous combustion, etc.), which actually turns out to be a downside of the artifact (which, obviously, involves seduction). That makes it more likely that they would send two women out to collect an artifact; otherwise, they'd send a male/female pair (since most seduction artifacts can only be directed at one gender, or at least one gender based on who's wearing it) to collect it.

      The second story needs to be expanded a little bit. I mean, obviously they aren't aware that they have artifacts, but is there a reason for the Victorian theme? If they're collectors of sorts, I could easily see multiple artifacts being found, and they wouldn't all necessarily activate (a collectable teapot, for example, which might not get used and therefore won't activate), so it could be interesting. If you have several artifacts in the house, not all of which are active, then it becomes much harder to find the culprit artifact.

      I honestly wouldn't have guessed that these are connected to anime (then again, I'm not entirely surprised. At least for the first story), so I'm not sure. Although the first one, if it is, intrigues me.

      It's fine. My dad doesn't want to chance being unable to access the internet, so he's left the Wi-Fi on constantly. He normally shuts it off whenever its not in use to save power. So I'm going to have more access than I initially thought I would.

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    • Oh wow...awesome! I really forgot what the whole restriction thing was for, other then she didn't want me on my device all the time.

      The second story revolves around an eyepatch and pair of gloves from the Black Butler anime. That's why I mentioned both the era (when the anime takes place) and the fact that one of them began having the powers of a demon. That person has the Sebastian artifact (gloves). The other artifact is being used by the boy. It granted him good acting and crime solving skills, but may have also lead to him experiencing the effects of severe trauma due to the artifact's anime owner. However, I may need to look more into the artifacts of both animes due to the genre not being my strong suit.

      The first artifact, based on my research, would only work on females, since they were the gender primarily entertained by the Host Club. The males were mainly treated either romantically or cordially, whichever they choose.

      The flowers may also contribute to a ping about one of the members (for whatever reason) suddenly having to pay back a debt. A big part of Ouran Highschool Host Club is the main character breaking a vase in the first episode and having to pay back the debt for the damage caused by being a Host herself. But that's just a theory.

      Hope this helps! Any questions?

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    • Alright, that makes more sense. I've only read a few volumes of Black Butler, so I'm still a bit unfamiliar with it. That makes more sense.

      I think I want to look into Host Club just to get familiar with it. But I think it would be intriguing. I'm going to look it up and get back to you (probably before you read this).

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    • Yeah. The Host Club story would be more of a challenge- and thus, more of a distraction- for the two Agents. However, having a "butler" figure with demonic powers running around will also be a challenge. Which one would be better?

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    • Allow me to offer my opinions on these two cases at hand.

      First, I'll start with the Black Butler-style case. While it is interesting, a house full of artifacts would be quite a challenge and prove very difficult. It honestly sounds like something that Pete and Myka should take care of, rather than Megan and Sarah. I'm just not sure, given the amount of research on the Victorian era that would need to be done to give an interesting story, how plausible it might be to do. That being said, it would be quite fun to have our agents panicking trying to figure out which artifacts are the problem in a house that appears to be full of them!

      For story two, I personally like the idea of our characters facing the challenge of finding an artifact when they are being affected by it (unknowingly at first, of course). If we pull away from Host Club enough and give the artifact a downside that would allow the pair to have been sent in the first place, then it becomes even better. My only real concern with this story is exactly how far it goes. I will say that it would be interesting to see their reactions when they realize that they're being whammied by the artifact they were sent to collect! Not to mention they would have to find a way to not be affected by the artifact so that they can retrieve it.

      Personally, I am more interested in doing the second story than the first, but that's mostly out of the view of difficulty I see in achieving the first one's final product as I see it: more of an artifact search than a simple snag-and-bag type mission.

      By the way, I also have a story idea for our agents as well, if you'd like to hear about it.

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    • I agree with you on both points. Personally, I would prefer the Black Butler one due to my obsession with the Victorian era in general. But the Host Club mission would be easier to do since it's about...well, an hard to find but in your face artifact. You wouldn't normally think of the flowers when you first see them, and may attribute them to decorations. But in the anime itself, they do play a crucial role, since the Hosts give out to their guests specific colored flowers, depending on the person.

      Edit: I've decided to go with the Victorian story, since I know a lot more about Black Butler than Host Club. Plus, it would give Megan a chance to offer advice and important information to Pete and Myka via Farnsworth. But should I still go with the Host Club story for Sarah and Megan as part of my agent's story arc or something different?

      Ps. I would love to hear your story idea.

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    • You could either place the Host Club story as part of your main arc with the Organization, or as a side story. I'm not sure how well it could tie into the main story arc. Maybe work on the Black Butler one first, since you know a lot more about the Victorian era. Try to plot out several possible artifacts as well. They don't need to be from famous people per say, but interesting objects from that era that could have become artifacts.

      You could have two simultaneous story arcs run. One would involve the Organization, whose stories might be months apart from each other (sort-of like how the Sailor Moon arc is for me). The other would involve learning more about artifacts and the Warehouse, and shows how you're integrating yourself into the group. Just an idea.

      So, I got the idea thanks to two artifacts I was getting help from Gunji with, courtesy of effects. Picture, if you will. Megan and Sarah are in the northern U.K. after an artifact. They snag it and are about to head home when they realize how cold it feels for autumn. Then, a snowstorm begins, and the temperature keeps falling. Artie calls them and tells them there is likely an artifact in the area causing it. I kind-of want the story to play off of the game Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove. We find an abandoned car, and a video camera of some kids who went to an abandoned hotel to search some ruins nearby. As we look around for the artifact, thinking they are the ones who activated it, we find them one by one, frozen into place in different locations. As we find missing tapes detailing what happened, trying to piece together what they did while trying to stay alive. One artifact causes snow storms, which expand into white outs as one gets closer to the source. The other causes the temperature to drop ten degrees per unit of time (still debating exactly how long that timeframe is). They're both Celtic in origin, and as we find out, the students had heard of myths about these objects, and wanted to find them to prove themselves. But as it turns out, the people around them when they activate are affected negatively, as they start searching for objects relating to Celtic mythology as they slowly freeze solid.

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    • Interesting. My idea is that I do an arc like Megan's, except there are pieces of each story or every other story that have to do with the Organization. That way there's a sense of them always watching from the shadows everywhere Sarah turns. I'm also willing to put the Black Butler story as a separate project, just to keep it separate from everything else. But if you're looking for a distraction, an old house full of Victorian artifacts may be it.

      I do enjoy your story idea, but may need to look up more information on the game it's based on.

      Ps. I'll start looking for other Victorian artifacts.

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    • Sure thing. Since you aren't able to access the Database right now, I can run all of the artifacts by Draco and Garr for you.

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    • Thank you. I'll post what I've got for abilities and side effects right here, and then we can try to add what's missing and stuff.

      Black Butler artifacts:

      Sebastian's Butler Pin:

      Abilities: Will give user demonic speed, strength, and senses.

      Downsides: Will make user obey the eyepatch wearer's commands without question. (Bifurcated artifact)

      Ciel Phantomhive's Eyepatch:

      Abilities: Increased crime solving and acting skills.

      Downsides: PTSD from death of parents and cult slavery. (Bifurcated artifact)

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    • I think these should be bifurcated artifacts. One won't work or neutralize without the other.

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    • Agreed. But what other abilities should I add to the eyepatch?

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    • Hmmmm . . . . I'm not entirely sure. Just browsing the Black Butler wikia, perhaps extreme competiveness? There's not a whole lot to go on personality-wise that make for great effects, but perhaps something like that. I'd check it out yourself if you're able, in case I missed something.

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    • Okay.

      Edit: I checked, and other then unwavering determination, increased skill in running a business, and being extremely skilled in the ways of acting, you're golden. There's also a bit about him being merciless towards his enemies, but I don't really think we should add that. Any suggestions?

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    • Perhaps just make it have better crime-solving skills and increased acting skills?

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    • Agreed.

      Edit: Just realized that Ciel is basically the Sherlock Holmes of his anime. That may help with designing these two artifacts. What do you think?

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    • I suppose he is kind-of like Sherlock, isn't he? In a weird way.

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    • Yeah. He does solve odd cases...but if the two of them (Ciel and Sherlock) were in the same universe...that would get weird real fast. What about you?

      Edit: What about the Hetalia artifact?

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    • It would get quite weird. I think they exist in two separate worlds, though. Not having read it, I'm not sure the actual year(s) that Black Butler takes place in, so it's possible that they could co-exist if the authors wanted them to.

      I still think that the Hetalia artifact should be not directly linked to the anime. We can base the effects on such, but just make it so that the anime isn't the true origin. Actually, doing some research, Ernest Renan is probably the best choice of origin for this. He wrote the book What is a Nation? in 1882. Among what he said is as follows: "A nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things, which in truth are but one, constitute this soul or spiritual principle. One lies in the past, one in the present. One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories; the other is present-day consent, the desire to live together, the will to perpetuate the value of the heritage that one has received in an undivided form". He, or perhaps his book, might be what creates a national persona.

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    • I agree. Personally, I like the idea of the book being the artifact. But one question: could we write the effects of the book like the effects of the Miss Peregrine's series: with one or more effects per country? And how many effects per country? I have a bunch of effects for various different countries.

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    • What were you thinking for effects?

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    • America: Obsession with fast food and being a hero.

      England: User will become more polite and drink more tea over time. They will also become more skilled at making tea.

      Germany: User will become stronger and more obsessed with working out. (The more the user works out, the more s/he becomes stronger and more obsessed with working out.)

      Italy: Obsession with pasta. User will also become more creative, especially in the fields of painting and sketching.

      Should I add in for England's effects the ability to see magical creatures? It is a big part of his character.

      Also, please look on the wiki for any ideas about Japan and France's effects. I really can't find anything for them.

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    • I would say cowardliness for the French, but that's more of a bias towards them for their lack of presence as a world power during both world wars (the first was a draw, and the second they got defeated so soundly it's not even funny) despite their being a world power throughout history.

      I would say that the sight of magical creatures is more of a downside, but it's a very mild one compared to others. When I think of British people (including England), I think of polite society and tea. Lack of cooking skill doesn't really come to mind to me.

      Germany, America, and Italy seem fine to me.

      When I think of Japan . . . . I think of a more technologically adept society with a rich cultural history, which seems to be the path the show takes.

      Ironically, I think France's best things are love and romance, along with good wine. And, of course, the inability to wage war.

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    • In the anime, England is notoriously bad at cooking.

      Here's what I was going to have for Japan's and France's effects:

      Japan: User will become more curious of other cultures. However, user will need time to adjust to other people due to not knowing much about the outside world.

      France: User will become more skilled at romance and flirting. Due to this, he or she may flirt more often then normal.

      Any questions, comments or suggestions?

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    • Hmmmm . . . . . If the artifact is older than the anime, then the last idea that really needs defined is how it activates. Does it activate when read in a country, or does it activate when in proximity to world leaders and opened? That offers two different ideas for how it pinged: it either went from country to country, or it activated at a G20-type event, causing the personification of every country there (my personal favorite)?

      My apologies. I meant to reply to this yesterday, but I forgot. As a side note, we have a new user on the other wiki. He's Hungarian, but his English (well, translation) is better than some of the spammers we've had!

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    • Awesome! I'm always glad for new members! As for your late reply, I was occupied yesterday with my mom's birthday. No harm done.

      What I was thinking for the book's activation is that it can only be activated near or within a certain unique monument, such as the Statue of Liberty for the US and Big Ben for the U.K. That way, the history and culture behind said monument can help with the artifact's activation. Not only that, but there's also the "rich legacy of memories" part of that book, and what has more memories then the Statue of Liberty?

      I think that if a group of tourists went to various different countries during their vacation, and each one read from the book in different places, then it could become a ping. But that would be easier to do if they traveled across Europe. This is due to the fact that they could easily travel by car through many of the landlocked countries such as France and Spain. What do you think? Maybe they did so and then went back to the States, only for their last member to become that personification.

      But personally, that explanation seems a little too complex. I mean, unless they purposely did this to gain personifications from the book, and that seems a little too far fetched. Any ideas?

      Edit: I also changed England and Italy's effects a bit. Please check those out and give me your best opinion on them.

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    • I think they're pretty decent changes. Personally, I think England's is much better this way.

      It does seem kind-of complex. They would likely be purposefully activating it (unless they really just wanted to read it in various countries, but that's ridiculous. Who reads the same book at each country's monument?). So at that point, the question would be, "What's the point?"

      The only other idea, if it wasn't on purpose, is if this was a something which has activated at different times over the past X years. It gets sold around and ends up in high-end collections in the capitals of each country, where it accidentally activates and causes some harm of some type (either as part of the downside of activation, or maybe just the personification being more troublesome than expected by nature), and the collector decides to sell it to another, not realizing how it activates. Eventually the Warehouse is able to track it down once it reaches the U.S. in the 1980s, say, about twenty years after the initial activation. Or something akin to that. What do you think?

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    • I like it. But in that case, should we add more European countries to the list, or keep it as it is? It would really depend on where the various collections are in the world. Perhaps there could be a pattern to the activations, as the book moves from country to neighboring country. What do you think?

      I've also been thinking about Victorian artifacts, but all I could really think up were a collection of items from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. There was also a few Sherlock Holmes items, such as the Bruce-Partington submarine plans. Any suggestions on where I should look and what I should look up in order to find more ideas?

      Also, how should the Black Butler artifacts be activated? Could it be by touch due to them being a pair of wearable items or maybe something more suitable for a pair of very connected artifacts?

      Ps. I'm turning the Black Butler case into a Myka and Pete story. There may be some Megan as well, since she (correct me if I'm wrong; she's your character) is the Warehouse's anime expert.

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    • I would say that, in comparison to everyone else at the Warehouse, Megan probably knows more about anime than the others. Aden is an expert at fandoms overall, which includes some anime, but anything more specific is Megan's realm.

      I would say that they should be activated only when both are worn. Or perhaps if one gets put on, there's some sort of pull for another person to put on the other part of the artifact.

      We could add more countries, but then we have to come up with different personalities for those countries. Depending on who we chose, that might be more difficult. I think we should be alright sticking to the basics.

      If you're in need of inspiration for the Victorian Era, check out Wikipedia's page here and New World Encyclopedia's page here (I recommend using the latter first). There's several big things that pop to mind to me. You have the first World's Fair, child labor, prostitution in addition to the statistic of 4% more women than men, technology, entertainment . . . . There's plenty of things to go off of. I can help further some ideas, if need be. But see if anything really inspires you. I can always run by a search for people too on the Database to make sure we don't already have artifacts for them.

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    • Here's my list:

      • Gilbert and Sullivan artifact
      • Traveling Circus artifact
      • Penny black: first postage stamp.
      • Mediumship artifact
      • Robert Louis Stevenson novel(s)
      • William Makepeace Thackeray novel(s)
      • Novels/poetry by the Bronte sisters.
      • Jack the Ripper artifact

      Note: The ideas that seem the most interesting would have to be the circus and Ripper artifacts. The problem is, I really don't know what kind of artifact would best serve as the Ripper one. Maybe one of his letters to the police?

      There's also the mediumship one, but a lot of seances were later proven fake and full of tomfoolery. Due to this, I am unsure as to whether or not we should create an artifact of that category. Any ideas?

      As for any potential countries, I would be glad to stick with the basics. However, if you're willing to add a few more to the list, there is the question of including Austria and/or Hungary. The problem is I can come up with more effects for the former then the latter. Plus, they were married at one point (from 1867 to 1918, if you want to be historically accurate). In that case, I don't know whether to add one of them or both.

      We could also have Canada, but in the anime, he is either ignored due to nobody knowing who he is or mistaken for America.

      As for the Black Butler artifacts, I believe that it would be best for the gloves user to put on his artifact first, and then proceed to put the eyepatch on his/her "master". After all, I have seen Sebastian put on Ciel's eyepatch before in the series. But one question: should the eyepatch wearer call the gloves user "Sebastian", or something else? And when should he do this: while giving out orders to the "butler"?

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    • There's actually a canon artifact connected to Jack the Ripper already. His lantern is in the show (Season 1, used by MacPherson, and also seen in Season 5 as collected by H.G. Wells in London), which causes anyone who is caught in the light to fall into a trance. Improperly removing the light causes death. There's also Robert Louis Stevenson's Bookends, which causes mind transference (and now that I think about it, maybe the effects are based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). The links are to the main show wiki (don't know if that's part of your blocked list or not).

      For mediumship, I recommend doing two different ones: one which is legitimate, and one from a fake. It's probably pretty easy to find a fake; they're everywhere, after all, and the effects can reflect the falsity of the person. The legitimate one is more tricky, since ghosts don't exist in the Warehouse world. Any effect would probably be psychometry-related.

      Canada's feasible only if we can come up with better personality characteristics than mistaken for America.

      I think it's fine for the wearer to use the person's name, except in specific circumstances. That way, it's not obvious what the origin is until one hears the difference in name calling.

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    • 1. No the main one is not blocked.

      2. I like your idea, but will need more information on Victorian mediumship.

      3. We could make him unable to be recognized by other nations. It would be like some type of identity blurring device. However, he would only be recognized by other nations if you or anyone else did that matter, used his human identity. But they wouldn't know who in the world you were taking about if you referred to him as "Canada".

      4. In that case, when should the eyepatch user use the name "Sebastian"? Maybe in a life or death situation.

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    • 1. I agree. I'll see if there's anything interesting I can dig up about Victorian mediumship.

      2. I don't know . . . . I mean, Canada isn't exactly . . . . unrecognizable? (Is that the word I'm looking for?) By the logic you propose, who would recognize him without anyone knowing his human identity?

      3. That's what I'm thinking. Life or death situations might have the user bring the name, or if they wanted to invoke some sort of power from their "butler"?

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    • 1. Well, I know very little about how the whole thing works in the anime. All I know is that Canada and America look very similar to each other, and because of that, one is mistaken for the other. However, it's hard to tell how many times this happens in total.

      1 and a half: I don't know. Maybe just America?

      2. Both would be suitable.

      3. Thanks for your help. I'll try finding info as well.

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    • No problem. It also occurs to me that Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, started in 1888 (I believe). I think that deserves an artifact as well, but I'll need to look into those early matches to see if anything in particular stands out.

      And yeah, maybe it'd be easier to use just America. Speaking of which, a thought occurs to me. If the people created by the artifact are merely apparitions of the country's personalities as human forms, when do they disappear? Can they move around separately from the book, or do they have to stay so close to it? Obviously they would disappear when neutralized, or if they "died", but would they disappear upon closing the book as well?

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    • 1. I'm assuming that they can move separately from the book, provided that they move with it. What I mean is that they ought to keep it in a suitcase or some other traveling case in order to keep it close to them. As for closing the book, I can only assume that as long as they have it close, merely closing the book will only lead to it storing its power for another day.

      2. But if they were to "die"...what exactly do you mean? Like if they stopped being a country, like Prussia?

      3. I believe that it would be best to just use the nations that we already have.

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    • Well, what I mean by "die" is, say, getting run over by a car, which would kill normal people. How physically real is the apparition is what I mean. You have basically ghost-like apparitions, and apparitions which are very real and physical (like the giant nutcrackers created by the Christmas Truce Submarine Ornament). Where do these guys fall on that spectrum? And agreed, let's stick to what we have. I'm going to propose the main idea to Per, if it's all settled.

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    • Sure thing. As for how "real" the nations are, they do have their own history, and have appeared to be at least semi-immortal. Take Austria for instance. Between the flashback period and the time that the main story takes place, the only thing that really changed was the color of his clothes. He even wears the same glasses! Now with that in mind, Italy does have a "child" persona. So I'm assuming they're not ageless, but rather age slower then normal.

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    • And I would also assume that they change over time. America surely wasn't the hero he is today back in the 1800s and early 1900s. That grew with the times.

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    • Exactly. And speaking of America, do you remember that Revolutionary War flashback scene? Definitely a moment of true character growth.

      As for the artifact, should we assume that it can work in every nation, but the ones we have effects for are the "known" ones? That way, we could put some on the list without having to give them effects of their own. I did say could, but we don't have to.

      Ps. I dare you to guess my Hetalia OTP. (One true pair)

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    • It should definitely be assumed to work in every nation, though obviously only effects for nations the book has been with are applicable to what effects there are.

      You mean the OTP you want to see the most? Uh . . . . . America and Japan, maybe? Or America and England?

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    • Actually, now that I think about it, I don't have one good pairing. But I do like America and Iggy. I also like GerIta, FrUK, and Frying Prangle (Austria, Hungary and Prussia).

      What are your favorite Hetalia pairings?

      Edit: I changed the gloves to the pin that Sebastian wears to signify him as being head butler.

      Ps. I'm going hiking tomorrow, or today, depending on when you read this.

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    • I can't say I know enough about Hetalia to say I have a favorite pairing.

      Sounds fair enough.

      Cool! Do you hike trails, or cut your own path? Or both?

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    • I just hiked a bunch of trails in Acadia National Park yesterday. First time both hiking (both in the park and otherwise) and a good birthday present as well. To be fair though, the plans weren't made specifically for me and my birthday. That part was just a coincidence.

      Edit: What have you been doing lately?

      Edit: What I am thinking for the nation personas is that they are less like a different, metaphysical form and more like a unique identity given to the person who read the the Sailor Moon pens. You get my drift?

      Edit: I like both.

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    • It was your birthday? Happy Birthday! Belated, of course.

      I've been busy working. I'm trying to catch up on all of the movies and television shows on my watch list, but it's not easy when you work five days a week! I'm also trying to get back into making all of my artifact display cards on Powerpoint and work on my novel, but it's tough with so much to do and so little time.

      So, it affects the person in a way that basically makes them a stereotypical {insert nation type here}?

      Can you elaborate on what both you like?

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    • 1. I like both cutting trails and going on already made ones too.

      2. Exactly. The person would likely get a complete change of identity as the stereotypical parts of that nation become a part of their character. Makes sense?

      3. Thank you for birthday wishes.

      4. Woah that's a lot of stuff! No wonder why you haven't been on much! Sorry for any impatience I might have had as I attempt to wait for your replies.

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    • 1. I've been on trails around my grandma's house. Ones which aren't real trails, but ones my dad and his brothers played around when they were kids. With names like Dead Man's Cliff and Bloody Gulch. They're very fun to go on with them and my cousin.

      2. I think it makes sense. And it's a better idea than the idea of an apparition.

      3. It's no problem. I try to get on and check this out once or twice a day, if I can, but it's tough. I don't have nearly the free time I wish I did. Honestly, I wish I had a sibling who could help me balance some of this. Alas, it was not meant to be.

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    • 1. I have three siblings. None of them do this kinda stuff. It's sad.

      2. Yeah, I agree. Think of it like the Sailor Moon people, and you'll be fine.

      3. What about Overwatch artifacts? Do we have some or not?

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    • 1. No artifacts relating to Overwatch as far as I can tell.

      2. I pitched the ideas for the Hetalia and Black Butler-related artifacts. Per isn't fond of the fandoms, so he opted out of opining. Garr likes the idea of both, as well as your idea for the story surrounding Black Butler. He did question whether the Black Butler artifacts would be genuine Victorian or cosplay. When I said we weren't positive, he suggested that it be not-quite-genuine. They're basically forgeries of the era, and the pair were purchased from a dishonest seller.

      3. Garr would also like some additions to the stereotypes for different countries. While he understands they are based on Hetalia, there are plenty of others which one can look into to expand upon it.

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    • 1. So forgeries, huh? I like it. While it would be cool for them to be genuine, it does add a bit more of a story to them, as well as explain how they got to be so...realistic. Overtime, the artifacts become more powerful then their authentic Victorian counterparts, making them appear more capable then they really are. However, they're only as powerful as the current users want them to be, which is a downside to something so "real".

      2. Additions? Like what? Other effects for existing nations or effects for different nations? I wanted to keep the effects to a minimum, and I really don't want to add any more nations, so I don't know what to add for "additions".

      3. My question is: how many Overwatch artifacts do we need? If we do each character's signature weapon (or other thing), then that would amount to a lot of artifacts.

      Ps. What about Tracer? Should we just use her temporal thingamabob? The problem with that is that it's a time travel thing...and we don't exactly do that kind of thing.

      Edit: There are currently 25 playable heroes and four categories. Each category is a type of hero. A team can't have more then one of each hero at a time.

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    • 1. It also explains why their effects seem to be something that seems so modern as well. They are; a modern artifact which, to the untrained eye, appears older than it really is.

      2. Basically, he wants a better list of stereotypes for what we have. For example, if a country has a more violent history, if they're prone to constantly changing opinions, etc.

      3. Hmmmmm . . . . 25 is definitely too many. One is probably enough; the question is, should it be something from the game or the game itself? Feasibly, the game itself might offer the wider variety of options in terms of possible effects.

      EDIT: Should have read the other post first. There's a bit of a debate now proceeding about the power of the BB artifact, although a change in origin might allow it to proceed, though minor effect changes might need to be made before it's approved. As for the Book, Scalec pointed out the one flaw of the idea: every person has a different stereotypical view of other countries' and their people. I made the suggestion that perhaps the artifact bases it on the reader's opinions, as well as only activating in other countries that the reader is not from (which allows them to form stereotypical opinions if they don't already have them).

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    • 1. I agree. Besides, the concept of demons in general is a rather old one, at least judging by what I know about the subject.

      2. Better effects? Nothing springs to mind, except for maybe the American one gives its user a sense of independence and/or a wanting to free his/herself from any oppressing forces. Other then that, I'm stumped.

      3. I think that it should be from the game itself. But with so many unique heroes, it's hard to pinpoint just how many effects we could have on that one artifact. Any ideas?

      4. The idea of a more opinionated set of effects based off of the user's personal stereotypes could actually work. After all, the creator used his opinions to create the anime. (At least I think he did; might need to check that out.)

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    • 1. Hmmmm . . . . perhaps we can look at an older story of a deal made between demons and humans. There's bound to be something similar to Black Butler that we could use as an artifact.

      2. Hmmmm . . . . Is it an RPG game, or do you play alongside these heroes?

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    • 1. Perhaps. The problem is I don't know any deals off the top of my head. Thusly, I'll be sure to look on the Interwebs. If I find anything, I'll let you know.

      2. It's an RPG. Also, if you die, you have the option of choosing a different hero.

      Edit: There's a bucket ton of stories and other works involving that idea. Maybe you should check them all out.

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    • 1. Hmmmm . . . . Perhaps playing the game allows you to transform into different heroes? But the dying factor makes it more challenging. I'll take a look and see what other games in the Video Game Corridor do, so that I can get a better idea what kinds of effects are common amongst them.

      2. I'll also look through these Deals with the Devil. I'm off today and tomorrow, so I'm going to try and cram as much stuff in as I can before and after watching the partial eclipse.

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    • Okay, you go do that. Ill see you later.

        Loading editor
    • I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I was completely and utterly distracted to death over the last however many days its been. And I wish I could say I've done good research, but I can't say that I've done much. That being said, I did do a little with regards to the Deals with the Devil.

      The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus is an old play, and possibly one which might be adequate enough. I haven't gone through everything, so there might be a story which would work better, but he makes a deal with the devil for 24 years of life in exchange for his ability to use magic and the devil being his servant, which he ends up wasting until near the end. There could be something there, but it seems a little mild. I'll work on this more when I have a second.

      And I want to thank you for being patient. I can't imagine how impatient you must be waiting days for a response.

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    • The Faustus play would work...but there's also a demon character in Black Butler with that same last name. He also serves a young boy named Alois Trancy who uses the contract between them to get revenge on Sebastian for killing a lot of people in his home village, including his brother. So I really don't know if the play would be applicable with that fact in mind. Maybe if we had a Claude and Alois, I think we're good with what we've got.

      Also, I'm glad that you've been able to do some research on this. It makes this so much more like a team effort.

      Ps. Perhaps with the Overwatch artifact you don't really "die" per-say, but when the artifact itself becomes critically damaged, (I don't know how it could though) you "die" and have a choice of becoming a completely different person. That's my theory about it. Any ideas?

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    • I'm really sorry I haven't been on at all (this is my first return since the 28th!)! I've just been so busy!

      I haven't touched every Devil story, but I haven't found any that really match. It might be easier if we adjust its origins to be based on an unfinished play by Christopher Marlowe (originator of the Faust play), but he either died before finishing it (I'd have to see if he was still doing plays up until his death) or the Warehouse got involved (perhaps Faust wasn't his original idea?).

      Looking at the Video Game Corridor, the objects there appear to mostly be in-game based items whose effects are derived from their in-game attributes. There are two video games which are actual games: a Beta Version of Civilization, and E.T. Technically speaking, though, the former is only mildly based on the game, while the latter's effects are more based on where the game was found (the Alamogordo Landfill). So there's not much of a basis to go on.

      The only issue with your idea is as you said: how would the artifact become damaged but remain usable? It could act as something as an influencer, perhaps? Extended play makes the user act like the character they played the most, copying their behavior and attitudes. Perhaps it can even result in the user believing that life is a video game, which may lead to risky behavior because they come to believe that if they die, they'll simply come back to life (as one does in a video game).

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    • I believe that your idea of the person believing like they're in a video game is spot-on what I inteneded to say in my last post. But there's one problem: every character is from a different country (excluding the two from Austraila). If they start to behave like the character they play the most, does that mean that the person gets an entirely new accent? I think it would work, but do you have any ideas? 

        Loading editor
    • What countries do they come from? I doubt it would be a problem to give them an accent from the country of the character.

        Loading editor
    • Tracer: England

      Mercy: Switzerland

      Mei: China 

      Symmetra: India 

      Reaper/Soldier 76: USA

      McCree: Midwestern USA 

      Sombra: Mexico 

      Genji/Hanzo: Japan (brothers)

      Doomfist: Nigeria 

      Widowmaker: France

      Reinholdt: Germany 

      Pharah: Egypt

      D. Va: South Korea

      Zarya: Russia 

      Roadhog/Junkrat: Australia

      Lucio: Brazil(?) 

      Torbjorn: Sweden 

      Zenyetta: Napal 

      There's also a robot character (Bastion) as well as a genius gorilla one from the Moon (Winston).

      Ps. Bastion can't speak.

        Loading editor
    • Okay . . . . Giving them accents would probably be the best. If they already act like the character they are "playing", then it would make sense to mimic the accent.

        Loading editor
    • By the way, there's a GoFundMe going on for the Warehouse 13 Board Game. Garr's looking for donations for the Caretaker tier. If you're interested in donating, I can give you a link.

        Loading editor
    • 1. I agree that accents would be best, especially since McCree has a very recognizable Western cowboy one. (Not to mention Tracer and her Cockney one.)

      2. I am interested, but I don't have any sort of checking account to get money out of for things such as this. So I may not be able to donate.

        Loading editor
    • Yeah, it needs to come from a debit or credit card to donate. I can't believe it's taken them this long to create a game!

        Loading editor
    • I have neither. Sorry.

        Loading editor
    • It's fine. I'm not sure if it will reach its goal anyway.

        Loading editor
    • Oh alright. Thanks anyways.

        Loading editor
    • Scalec wrote (on the Artifact Database Wiki): I think an artifact based on Overwatch's mass appeal for creating characters that feel remarkably fleshed out and personable despite being a standard team-shooting game is a good one. I don't think you need the belief that life is a video game bit, however, because it totally conflicts with the effect that the person believes they are a character from the game - there's not fourth wall breaking in Overwatch, after all.

      Here's Scalec's opinion on the Overwatch artifact. Maybe there's a different downside to it?

        Loading editor
    • What he said was very true. Maybe the character's personality takes control of the player, making him or her want to play the game more?

        Loading editor
    • Hmmmm . . . . Maybe it leads to perpetual playing?

        Loading editor
    • That could work.

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