A hopefully short but still well-written request by the one and only Prof-Draco!

So, the premise is that Garrett has, after the event of Delicious, locked himself away in his room in shame. Since he didn't know people weren't supposed to sleep there unsupervised, things get a little hectic.


Garrett grabbed the Memento Mori as he passed the entrance to the Private Quarters area and held it in his hands. Upon imagining the aquarium theme being erased, he replaced it with thoughts of creepiness, horror, and insanity.

He hadn't wanted to change the room last week, but this week, things had gone terribly. He was hypnotized, used, almost "forced" to kill and eat someone. Now, he kept swearing that he heard the other agents talking about him behind his back.

He caught Aden and Mary that morning.


'Man, that kid's gotta step up his game.' he heard Aden say from inside Artie's office, as he almost entered. 'I know it was hypnotism, but we've developed a pretty good immunity to it.' he sighed.

'Not to mention he has no weapons training, or combat expertise. He doesn't even know real self defense!' Mary added. 'I thought all agents had to go through some sort of training to get hired. I don't even know why he was hired in the first place.'

Garrett stepped away from the door and silently speed-walked down the steps before going full-sprint, to his Private Quarters, crying.


It wasn't the first time his abilities were doubted. It wasn't the first time that his... interests... had gotten him and almost someone else in trouble. He just didn't want someone to think differently, badly, because of that.

'If they think that,' Garrett thought, setting the jade skull back down and opening the door to his new room, 'they can just forget about me.'

Garrett closed the door behind him, and gazed at the new hallway-like addition. At looked like an old hotel hall, complete with tacky carpeting and boarded up doors with faded metal room number plates. At the end, were two small shadows. A light with no source illuminated the ending wall, and Garrett could see that the shadows were of two small girls in dresses.

"The Shining." Garrett whispered under his breath. He never really liked that movie, but the creep-factor from the book was excellent. Knowing that his own room could not harm him, he walked stiffly to the far end of the hall, coming upon the only door not covered by wooden planks.

Upon opening it, he saw a bed, slightly larger than the average twin-sized, next to a window that showed nowhere when he opened the curtains, just an empty black void. When he replaced the thin white curtains, he saw the silhouette of a tall, thin figure, looming, with small tendrils coming from its back. 'Slendy.' he thought.

At the other end of the room, there was a skeleton model. Walking over to it, Garrett wanted to name it. Name him. He recalled the last time he saw a skeleton model: on Youtube, from MrCreepyPasta. He named his Billy, so Garrett would, too.

Garrett absent-mindedly shook Billy's hand, and the hand came off at the wrist. He sucked in a breath, and placed it back, where it fused back to the joint.

Garrett flopped down onto the bed and got underneath the covers, reveling in the natural warmth of the mattress.

He thought over what had happened during the mission. He should have had better control of himself. He should have yelled. He should have run, or fought, or something. But instead he stayed. And he knew why. And because of that, people were almost hurt.

Garrett silently sobbed for a few minutes, before getting a headache and falling asleep.

Unfortunately, sleeping in new places produces vivid dreams for Garrett. 'I was hired for a reason...'

...(Garrett's Dream: Colton Smith High School)...

'Ugh, when will this day end?' Garrett thought as he pulled his science textbook from his locker. Between his binder, his backpack, and his textbooks, he was probably carrying enough weight to compress his back. Ah, the price one pays for good grades. Maybe today something interesting will happen in class.


Aden and Mary sat together in Artie's office, continuing their conversation about Garrett.

"Look, he was hired for a reason. Mrs. F. always has a reason." Aden sighed, crossing his arms and sitting down at the computer.

"Enlighten me." Mary said. "What exactly happened before he was hired?"

"Well, Tyler and I were having a debate over breakfast that morning. Eh, what was it about again...?"

...(Aden's Flashback: B&B)...

"Dude, Pokemon would totally crush Digimon!"

Tyler raised an eyebrow, "Digimon are capable of evolving when needed, and are able to revert back. Pokemon evolution is a one-way track and unless you have one that uses an item to evolve, you're waiting on either level, trade, or happiness. Imagine if you could de-evolve your Eevee in order to get an edge on a gym leader!"

"By the point most trainers get their Eevees, they have a gazillion other 'mons, maybe even a minor Legend, just as capable of stomping a gym flat as an Eeveelution is!" Aden replied. "Besides, at least Pokemon has creative names that don't all end in the "-mon" suffix, and has beings worshipped as gods and live up to their titles." he added with a smirk. "Also, Forme changes can easily mimic digivolving, and why would I want to de-evolve my Pokemon anyway? If I don't want to evolve, there's an item called an Everstone and the B button that prevents it."